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Relay Panel

This four relay and socket panel can be used for switching your high current water pump, cooling fans, fuel pump and lights. Features Fastronix Premium 12V SPDT 40/60 amp waterproof relays with negative spike suppression resistor and its own pre-wired socket for easy wiring. Relays can be separated and used individually or ganged together in any configuration.

Automotive Relay

12 Volt SPDT Bosch type automotive relay. 30 Amp contacts. Plastic housing with mounting tab. Use for switching high current automotive accessories.

Bosch/Tyco OEM Relay

Bosch (Tyco) P/N (0 332 209 150) SPDT automotive relay, OEM on many applications. Plastic housing with mounting tab. 30 amp.

Sealed Automotive Relay

12VDC SPDT automotive relay with 40 amp contacts. This relay is sealed for use in exterior or damp locations. Features plastic housing with metal mounting bracket. Use for switching high current accessories.