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Continuous Duty Solenoids

(case gnd)


Use for switching any high current application or solution for battery isolation in dual battery configurations. Rated for 12 Volt 85 Amp. 5/16" studs on input and output. (Includes Wiring Diagram).
High Power Solenoid


Use for battery switching or other applications that require high current demand. This continuous duty solenoid is for 12 volt applications an is rated for 200 amps. Features isolated ground case 4 wire design with 5/16" input/output studs.

Remote Battery Disconnect Diagram

Continuous Severe Duty Solenoid


Our highest rated continuous duty solenoid at 225 Amps. This heavy duty solenoid can be used in many HD applications including, battery disconnect, alternator shut down and battery isolator. 12VDC

Latching Solenoid


Continuous duty solenoid uses a latching coil. Apply 12V to the coil through a momentary push button to turn solenoid ON or OFF. Due to the latching operation, solenoid will not heat up or drain battery when in use. Great for a battery disconnect switch or battery isolator. 12VDC Rated 110Amps

See Push Button Disconnect Diagram

Remote Starter Solenoid

Can be mounted away from exhaust heat ensuring solid starts. Route main battery cable away from headers and avoid potential fire hazard. Connect 12V accessories directly to solenoid. Allows for quick and easy starter swaps. View the wiring diagram.