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  Toggle Switch with Safety Cover

Heavy-duty SPST (on/off) toggle switch with red aircraft switch guard. Use for Ignition switch or wherever an actuation protected switch is needed. Toggle switch has screw terminals and is rated for 20 amps @ 12V

Sealed Toggle Switches
Moisture and dust resistant neoprene-sealed toggles offer complete protection in harsh environments. Rated 21 Amps at 14 Volts and feature screw terminals. Requires 1/2" mounting hole.

Description Part Number
SPST On/Off #300-230
SPST Momentary #300-231
SPDT On/On #300-232
SPDT Center Off #300-233
SPDT On/Off/Mom. On #300-234
DPDT Center Off #300-235
DPDT On/On #300-236
SPDT Mom.On/Off/Mom.On #300-237

LED Toggle Switch

Black toggle handle tipped with a bright LED indicator. Available in Red, Green or Blue. Perfect for automotive applications. Requires 1/2" mounting hole. Switch has 1/4" tab terminals and is rated for 30A/12V DC.
Color Part Number
Red #300-110
Green #300-111
Blue #300-112

Heavy Duty Toggle Switches

Available in a variety of configurations for many applications. Rated 21 Amps at 14 volts. Includes 0.250 female quick connect crimp terminals. Requires 1/2" mounting hole.

Description Part Number
SPST ON/OFF #300-210
SPST Momentary #300-211
SPDT ON/ON #300-212
SPDT Center Off #300-213
DPDT ON/ON #300-214
DPDT Center Off #300-215

Toggle Switch with Rubber Boot 


Heavy duty toggle switch with weatherproof neoprene boot. Boot screws on and keeps out dirt and moisture. SPST switch features screw terminals and includes ON/OFF plate. Switch is rated for 20 amps.