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RPM Selector

RPM Selector Modules

Use in place of RPM Chips

Can be used with Two steps, RPM switches, Ignitions or anywhere RPM chips are required. Each Fastronix RPM Selector has a 1200 RPM range and is like having 12 RPM chips available to you for your instant selection. Fastronix RPM Selector modules are available in many RPM ranges to meet your exact needs. No guessing which chip you have installed. Adjust quickly and accurately with a turn of the knob for changing track conditions or to fine tune that reaction time.

All Fastronix RPM Selectors Feature:

1200 RPM range in 100 RPM increments

Long 36"cord allowing flexibility in selecting location
Durable and easy to read laminated face plate
Velcro mounting for a simple install and quick swaps

RPM Selector Modules

PART # Range
#650-001 RPM Range 2000 to 3100
#650-002 RPM Range 2500 to 3600
#650-003 RPM Range 3000 to 4100
#650-004 RPM Range 3500 to 4600
#650-005 RPM Range 4000 to 5100
#650-006 RPM Range 4500 to 5600
#650-007 RPM Range 5000 to 6100
#650-008 RPM Range 5500 to 6600
#650-009 RPM Range 6000 to 7100
#650-010 RPM Range 6500 to 7600
#650-011 RPM Range 7000 to 8100
#650-012 RPM Range 7500 to 8600
#650-013 RPM Range 8000 to 9100
#650-014 RPM Range 8500 to 9600
#650-015 RPM Range 9000 to 10100