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Molded Loop Connectors

Molded connectors feature a 12" loop with 16 gauge wire. Just cut loop and splice to use as a quick disconnect for electrical accessories.

Style Part Number
2- Wire (Shown above) #401-001
1- Wire #401-002
3- Wire #401-003
4- Wire #401-004
5- Wire #401-005
6- Wire #401-006
8- Wire #401-008


Pre-Wired Deutsch Style Connectors

These pre-wired premium weathertite sealed loop connectors are easy to use and saves you the hassle of assembly. Just cut and splice in wherever you require a solid connection. Available in many configurations to meet your needs. Use in the engine compartment for fans, electric water pump, ignition box or any device that would be convienient to have a connector on. The 6-pin makes for a great delay box connector. Pre-wired assemblies are 18" long with 16 gauge wire.

Conductors Part Number
2-Pin #401-952
3-Pin #401-953
4-Pin #401-954
6-Pin #401-956
8-Pin #401-958
12 Pin #401-962