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Feed Thru Junction Blocks

Black #406-207
Red #406-208

Heavy Duty with 1/2" Studs

Black #406-201
Red #406-203

Standard with 3/8" Studs

Pass through double stud design. Have either 3/8"or 1/2" studs. Glass filled nylon construction with mounting holes. (3/8" version comes with nuts)

Power Junction Blocks

Single stud power junction block. Nylon construction with mounting holes. Can be used for power or ground distribution. Available in red or black.

3/8" Stud
5/16" Stud
1/4" Stud


Thru-Panel Battery Feed

Installs easily in a 1-1/4" hole to provide a positively isolated battery feed through terminal connection. Two 3/8"-16 brass stud terminals, 5/8" long.

Heavy Duty Feed-Thru Junction Block


Features 1/2" plated brass studs for heavy duty high current applications. Red base with 4 recessed mounting holes. Flange is 2-3/4" x 1-7/8".