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Master Disconnect Switch

Sealed battery disconnect switch with aluminum On/Off face plate. Switch rated for 180 Amps continuous duty or 1000 Amps intermittent. Meets requirements of NHRA and SCCA.

Double Pole Master Disconnect Switch

Four post switch for disconnecting the alternator or other electrical devices in addition to the battery. Features 3/8" studs rated for 180 amps continuous duty and 10-32 studs rated for 20 amps. Includes On/Off face plate and wiring diagram.

Wiring Diagram for Alternator Shutdown

Master Disconnect Switch Kit

Kit includes 180 Amp master disconnect switch (standard or two pole for alternator shut-off), on/off plate, pair of #2 3/8" copper lugs, H.D. heat shrink to seal connections and a pair of rubber terminal insulators to cover studs and prevent shorts.
Every thing you need for a professional installation.

Standard Disconnect Switch #930-300 2-Pole Disconnect Kit #930-301

CLICK for Remote Battery Disconnect Diagram