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EZ Mount Relay Board

#900-010 (Standard)
#900-011 (HD)

The new Fastronix EZ Mount Relay Board is your perfect solution to eliminate the headaches of relay installation. Mounts anywhere you need it in just seconds to your race car’s chassis tubing and is wired easily by running 4 wires (Power, Ground, Switch, and Device) to the EZ Mount Relay Board quick terminal block. Just strip wires, insert and tighten set screw and you’re done. The EZ Mount Relay Board includes on board overload circuit protection and is ideally suited for use with rear mounted fuel pumps. The EZ Mount Relay Board is available in standard and HD versions. (Size 4.5" X 3.25"). See Wiring Diagram

Relay Board Features

40 Amp Relay with socket, (HD Board - 70 Amp Relay)
20 Amp Auto reset circuit breaker w/cover, (HD Board - 30 Amp CB)
Quick roll bar mount design with clamp
Easy wire install terminal block