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When only the best will do use the ultimate connector.

Fastronix sealed connectors provide superior weather protection and is the preferred choice of many top Race Teams. The silicone gaskets and precision construction make for a weather resistant severe duty connection. Mates directly with the Deutsch DT series connectors. Kits are available in many pin configurations and include all necessary parts and detailed instructions. 14-16 gauge pins. 13 amp/pin. Use with Fastronix Crimp Tool (see below) # 600-010 . SEE INSTRUCTIONS.

Sealed Connector Kits

2-Pin Kit
3-Pin Kit
4-Pin Kit
6-Pin Kit
8-Pin Kit
12-Pin Kit

Replacement Contact Pin Kit


Spare contact kit includes (5) plug pins and (5) receptacle pins. Contacts are 16-14 gauge open barrel terminals for use in the Fastronix Deutsch style connectors.

Fastronix Terminal Crimp Tool

Use with The Fastronix Deutsch Style Connectors

Will crimp the Fastronix Deutsch Style Connector open barrel terminals as well as the Fastronix Weather Pack Connector, Rocker Switch Socket Kit and Relay Socket Kit open barrel terminals. Instruction sheet included.

rClick here for instructions

Pre-Wired Deutsch Style Connectors

These pre-wired premium weathertite sealed loop connectors are easy to use and saves you the hassle of assembly. Just cut and splice in wherever you require a solid connection. Available in many configurations to meet your needs. Use in the engine compartment for fans, electric water pump, ignition box or any device that would be convienient to have a connector on. The 6-pin makes for a great delay box connector. Pre-wired assemblies are 18" long with 16 gauge wire.

Conductors Part Number
2-Pin #401-952
3-Pin #401-953
4-Pin #401-954
6-Pin #401-956
8-Pin #401-958
12 Pin #401-962