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Weather Pack Connector Kits

See Weather Pack Instructions

Wire like the pros with these locking weather pack connector kits. Silicone seals protect against dust, dirt, moisture, and ensure a fail-safe connection. Connector kits are Available in one through six pin configurations and include connector bodies. Male and Female 16-14 gauge terminal pins and green seals.

 Weather Pack Connector kits
1-Pin #401-101
2-Pin #401-102
3-Pin #401-103
4-Pin #401-104
6-Pin #401-106


Replacement Pins
(5 male and 5 female)
20-18 #401-111
16-14 #401-112
12-10 #401-113

Wire Seals (10 Pack)
Red #401-114
Green #401-115
Gray #401-116
Blue #401-117

Weather Pack Crimp Tool

Crimps most weather pack terminals and open barrel non-insulated connectors 22-10 AWG. Ratchet action ensures perfect crimps on wire and insulation. Features steel frame, contoured grips and the ability to change dies. Directions included. (Alternate die sets available separately)


Weather Pack Pin Removal Tool

See Weather Pack Instructions

This tool is used to take out the pins from the weather pack connectors.